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Without the help of a certified roof washing company, your roof can quickly deteriorate into a dilapidated mess which can be much more difficult to properly clean. Sometimes, these roofs can be so ramshackle that they may require a complete roof restoration. Through Roof Cleaning Brisbane, we will work with you to ensure that your roof is properly washed. Through the help of our roof washing techniques, we will constantly do our best to clean your roof, return it to the best shape possible, and then constantly return to maintain the overall health.

Due to growths such as moss and lichen, roofs can develop into an unsightly, unruly mess, often suffering frequent discoloration from an all-too prevalent bacteria known as gloecapsa magma. However, roofing manufacturers and associations highly recommend against using high pressure to clean roofs. While the cleaning may remove any discoloration or mossy growths, the turbocharged, aggressive jets of water often overwhelm and damage ridge capping, tiles, and other roof fittings, which can increase the risk of flooding. Often, despite the initial cleaning, the moss grows back later. As years pass and the moss continues to accumulate, this can prove extremely disastrous for your roof. Unfortunately, over the years, we have come across a number of roofs which the owners have not taken care of, and as a result, they are much more costly to completely clean, due in part to the moss and bacteria. Regardless of whether you roof has recently been cleaned or if it has been several years, if you think your roof needs cleaning in Brisbane, it would be our pleasure to partner with you in working to improve the health of your roof.

As a result, manufactures recommend cleaning with detergent which is what we use at Pressure Cleaning Brisbane. As one of the most effective ways to remove moss and bacterial growths, our system promises to thoroughly clean your roof and remove mossy growths before they become a major risk and require a complete roof washing. Overall, here at Pressure Cleaning Brisbane, our utmost priority is to work with you in maintaining the cleanliness of your roofs through our unique cleaning techniques.

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